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Posted by Gill Jones on 20/01/2014

Valentine’s Day will be with us once again and yes, over the coming weeks you’re going to be inundated with advice on how to celebrate, what to buy, even what to wear from just about everyone who thinks they’re qualified to do so.

Some of it makes sense, some of it doesn’t, but if there’s one thing you do this Valentine’s Day, that’s to just do it your way regardless of everyone else’s advice, except when it comes to art.

Art and romance

If you’re going to buy a gift for that special someone in your life, a piece of art wouldn’t go amiss.

Yes, you can take him or her out for a meal, you can buy them flowers. You’ll have a pretty good idea of what to get if you’ve known them for some time, but what’s so special about that, isn’t that what everyone does?

Art can really hit the spot if it’s done right.

The world of hit and miss

And art it’s slightly different. It can be hit and miss. Art is subjective, what may be good to you, could be not so good to someone else. Even if you know someone really, really well, you could still get it wrong, and a piece of art is for life not just for Christmas, or in this case, Valentine’s Day.

If you get a restaurant wrong, it’s not all bad, there’s bound to be something on the menu that suits. Flowers? Well he or she either likes them or they don’t and if they don’t, well, you simply don’t buy them.

Buy a piece of art and your partner doesn’t like it then you’re in trouble. And you can’t just throw it out or pass it on to someone else. It’s there forever. A glaring reminder of the gift that never was, a constant reminder of when you got it wrong…..on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t take a chance…get it right first time

If your partner loves art and you think they’d love something artful for that romantic day, then don’t surprise them. Take them to a gallery and make sure they choose in front of you, their chosen piece. Then buy it. You don’t even have to do it while they’re still with you. Wait until they’re gone. Now at least you know what they like.

Artful Dodger

Waltz them round the art gallery, dodge in and out of vision, listen and take mental notes. Make sure it’s the one they want and then buy. Now, that is special, because if someone cares enough to buy your favourite piece of art, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s like pouring their soul out in a gift. They’ve listened, they’ve taken note and they’ve paid attention. What’s more they don’t take you for granted, no flowers, no restaurant, no second guessing. Now that’s what I call a real Valentine’s Day treat.

If you’re thinking of doing exactly that this Valentine’s Day then find your way down to London City Airport where you’ll find beautiful pieces of art work that you can buy at leisure in your own good time. There’s a vast collection from artists from all over the world, plenty of choice from plenty of talent.

Good luck.