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ART IN 2015

Posted by Gillian Jones B.A/M.A/PGCE on 30/01/2015

 Art in 2015

 Newsletter January 2015

The winter weather has been quite unsettling; with warm temperatures one minute and heavy rain the next, very cold one day, then warm and windy the day after. The weather seems to get more unreliable each year, but there’s always one thing you can always rely on with some confidence, and that’s your daily fix of art on www.gonemodern.com.

Forecast for the coming year – it’s all good

We forecast many changes over the coming months, but only ones we know you will love. And on the subject of the word love, we come to St Valentine’s Day, which is next on our list of celebration days that comes once a year. You may have mixed feelings on it, if this is the case, then go over to our St Valentine’s Day blog for some ideas on what to do for this much celebrated event.

New ideas and themes

We’ll be looking at art in interiors over the coming year and how art can best help you achieve a theme or era you wish to emulate. We’ll also be celebrating various events throughout the coming year and finding ways in which we can tie them in with our love of antiques.

Website relaunches

We’re also proud to announce our website prelaunch, which you can read about in the second of this month’s blogs. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about it and making sure it’s as easy to navigate as it was before, retaining all the important features, but including new ones that we know you’ll love. This will be in February, so keep a lookout for it.

We hope you’ll love our new, fresh website and that you continue to stay with us on our incredible journey. .

We look forward to spending the coming year with you all.