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Posted by Gill Jones on 22/11/2013

Public Art

What does art do for us? What does it do for the community? Depending on where you live there may be many pieces of art you’ve walked past and barely noticed. Most of the art we come across in public will be in the form of sculpture. They can fascinate or repel us, but when we do see them they get us talking and thinking.

The birth of modern sculpture

Modern sculpture started with Rodin and was a response to the rapid changes brought about by the 19th century, changes which included social, secular and urban. The world would see the birth of Cubism, Dadaism and Surrealism that would challenge what we would see as art. From Rodin’s first exhibition in Paris modern, sculpture transformed the artistic landscape. From here on in nothing would be the same again.

What should sculpture do for you?

Today we’re focussing on sculpture; as this is one piece of art that we often feel we should be able to interact with the most. Do we feel engaged by it if we can’t? If we think about the recent sculpture trail do you feel more in tune with what you are seeing if you’re able to touch it, does being closer feel more real?

Perhaps the interaction between art and the public should only be visible with touching out of bounds, although isn’t touching part of the experience? Public art is freely accessible and tells us something of our history, our culture and the uniqueness of the communities we live in. Sculpture can give our communities identity and break down barriers removing the blandness of modern living, allowing us to focus on what’s important, giving us a moment to recharge our batteries. It can reactivate our imaginations allowing for a spiritual experience that invigorates as well as challenge our senses.

What better place to do this than in and around our towns and cities?

London City Airport

At London City Airport there are many pieces of art that challenge the senses, not all being sculpture. They are there to be admired, thought about, and questioned. Artists bring their artistic skills to the community; making a valuable contribution to the planning of amenities and public places as well as the economic value this can bring. It can change our future for the better.

For it to thrive and develop we need more art where it’s accessible to all, and London City Airport is no exception allowing for a large and worldwide audience to see the talent of British artists.

Creative Collaboration

There is a real thrill from knowing that the sculpture trail and the exhibition at London City Airport has brought together people from all corners of the community and not necessarily those from the world of art. There’s a collaboration that involves real people coming together, providing great works of art that challenge, illuminate and entertain.

They capture the eye and the imagination of those passing through, art pieces that have been strategically placed where they will be noticed. Art celebrates who we are and where we come from. What better places to start than in our city streets and…airports.