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Jorge Yazpik

Jorge Yazpik
Jorge Yazpik
Jorge Yazpik
Jorge Yazpik
Untitled 2014


Jorge Yazpik (born 1955) is abstract and geometrical, and is characterised by his handling of mass and the play of light, achieved by creating cracks and grooves. He uses stone to evoke a sense of eternity. His sculptures are conceived as if they were sketches given mass on several planes; he combines the idiosyncrasy of stone, its colour and textures, with perfectly devised cuts within those volumes that create stratified spaces, which always point towards the light. Three Untitled works, two carved in obsidian and one in jade, demonstrate these concerns in One Canada Square while in Grosvenor Gardens in Westminster is a massive piece carved in volcanic stone that beckons the viewer to examine the origins and essence of what makes us human beings. His artistic objective is modest: ‘My sculptures are an object that should not be idolized.’ He was born in Mexico City and studied at the Academy of San Carlos in Mexico City. He has exhibited in group and solo shows since 1979.
In 2013 the governments of Mexico and the United Kingdom decided to celebrate the ‘Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom’ and the ‘Year of the United Kingdom in Mexico’ in 2015 to promote better understanding between their societies. The initiative to hold this Dual Year came out of high-level bilateral discussions and initially it was to be a predominantly cultural project. Subsequently the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both countries decided to expand the scope of the Dual Year to other areas, including trade, investment, tourism, education, science and innovation. On 11 June 2014 the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, Jose Antonio Kuribrena Meade and the then Foreign Secretary of the UK, William Hague, signed a Joint Declaration in London for the designation of 2015 as the Year of Mexico in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom in Mexico.
For further information and calendar of events see mexicouk2015.mx

Categories: SCULPTURE      
Materials: Obsidian      
Width: 46   Height: 80   Depth: 66

Price:  £85,000.00


Jorge Yazpik

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